Office Centre Re | The III Youth Architecture Biennale

Type:: offices

Year:: 2021-2022

Location:: Kazan

Status:: project

More information:

In current social and economic people’s living conditions, the problem of providing an effective and valuable human environment for work, life and restoration of spiritual and physical health has been particularly acute. Coronavirus outbreak is a crisis situation, which, like any other crisis, provides new opportunities. There will hardly be at least one professional field which functioning has not been changed under pandemic restrictions. People’s perspectives on life and objects around such as home, office and public spaces have been changed as well. The fear of throngs of people, proper social distance, telecommuting, travel restrictions, use of personal protective equipment. The new circumstances will allow to rethink all the current conditions of the office work, and optimize its operation using modern technical means of communication. The global architectural and urbanistic community will also have to face this problem.