Butyrina street

Type: public spaces

Year: 2018 - 2023

Location: Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation

Status: project

In collaboration with Strleka KB

Butyrina Street is binding street between Komsomolskiy park and Park of Culture and Rest of K.L. Khetagurov. But main problem is that its potential used insufficiently effectively. The street should ensure not only movement of people in the city but play a major role in city’s life. Butyrina street should become a place where the most widespread and universal functions are considered: recreational, walking, educational and event.

The program was develop with special attention to historical and cultural features of the site. In the place of adjunction of the street to the Komsomolskiy park is an entrance group and also venue of festive and seasonal fairs. The visitor first of all must have a possibility of close interaction with the nature. After all the park zone bears the huge potential for various scenarios of leisure.