Kvartaly Draverta

Year:: 2022 - 2023

Location:: Omsk

Developer:: Brusnika

The concept of “Kvartaly Draverta” is a combination of green and urban either public or semi-public spaces which allows to create a compact, convenient for the pedestrians, multi-functional quarter contributing to the development of social sustainability and formation of special connections.
The area located between the Krupskaya and Sharonova streets has a regular shape and difference in height in the direction from south-west to north-east. The whole area of the residential complex is divided into common and private ones. The latter is intended for private use only by residents of the houses and is fenced with hedges in perimeter.
The whole area of the complex will be divided into several functional zones, provided for comfortable rest of residents of all ages: town square, iconic square, artificial pond, playgrounds and sports core. Besides the main area, the General plan also includes a sports core of the residential quarter, which has a functional connection with the main area.