Public spaces’17

Type: public spaces

Year: 2017

Location: Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation

Status: competition (award)

The development conception of the embankment of Vladikavkaz city was prepared in accordance with the contest documentation in respect of the Open national architectural contest for development of key public spaces in Russia’s 15 cities.It is suggested to place on the territory of the embankment infrastructure for leisure time activities, physical activities and public events.The main idea of the embankment development in Vladikavkaz lies in building up a recreational area that will include other several zones.

The embankment is divided into the following zones:

— Promenade area. This zone is oriented on local people and tourist for promenades, physical activities and meetings.

— Active leisure zone. Playgrounds and recreational activity constructions will be placed on this territory. It also involves an opportunity to hold public events in the open air, such as festivals, football broadcast etc.

— Family recreation zone. The primary goal is to make family promenades as comfortable as possible due to recreational zones and playgrounds.

— Quiet recreation zone. It is an area where one can enjoy the tranqulity and the view of the mountains and the river, walking on the pedestrian lanes and spending time at the grounds.