Yoshkar ola


Type: apartment

Year: 2021

Location: Yoshkar-Ola

Status: project

The concept provides for the development of high-rise multi-apartment buildings with a central type of access. The residential area consists of two 16-storey towers, visually divided into blocks. The lower block is the stylobate part of the house. The middle block is deepened in relation to the total volume of the building and includes three residential floors. The upper block is the most massive and consists of twelve subsequent floors. This part of the house is highlighted with a lighter shade of material in order to achieve a more harmonious and aesthetic image in general. The first floors are non-residential. There are objects of social infrastructure, namely preschool institutions. Also, as an addition, it is possible to place commercial objects of everyday demand of a small area — shops, pharmacies, coffee shops, hairdressers, etc. A special type of street front in the form of a protruding gallery is used in houses, since, on the one hand, it is necessary to separate the facades of residential premises from the places where traffic and pedestrian flows pass, on the other, to create conditions for ensuring social control. The very same entrance group is in the deepening. This avoids conflict between pedestrians and people entering the house, as well as significantly widen the sidewalk and protect from precipitation.